Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tuesday Morning Sketches 202

We had rain yesterday.  If you want to see all of Colorado smile at one time, let it rain during a fire crisis.  It was a significant amount of rain and it helped the firefighters increase containment from 0% to 45%  Good news.

The bad news is that  as of now,
2 are dead
503 homes have been destroyed
and 14,500 acres of beautiful Colorado forests are burned.

It's sobering.

Tuesday Morning Sketches has a theme of Masculine this week but I don't need a Father's Day card.  I need "sorry that your house burned down" cards.  This was the first that I made.  The inside says, "Remember that stressed is desserts spelled backwards."  I'm going for humor.  I have two friends whose houses are gone and I want to send gift certificates to them.  They both have kids who lost everything.  It's hard enough dealing with losses when you are an adult, no kid should have to go through this.  I hope they take the money I'm sending to buy some joy for their kids life.

Joy is hard to come by after a fire.


  1. What a fun card and such good thoughts for your friends. The image is cute, your sketch great and coloring is fantastic. I know they will appreciate what you are doing for their kids. It is all so sad. Colorado is my favorite state to travel in and visit. I love Mesa Verde, Pikes Peak, the railroad at Durango and Silverton, The National Park and State Parks, I really do love Colorado. I have traveled all over the state and would have loved to live there except all my kids are here.

  2. OH, sad..thanks for the update. My daughter lives in CO..and i am happy to hear of the rain, sad to hear of the loss of life and home. What a fun card..joyous as it may be. Thanks so much for using our sketch at Tuesday Morning Sketches!

  3. I'm sure your friend will appreciate this!! It's a fun card!
    What a heartbreak to have lost their home! I'd love to send our rain... we had flash flooding yesterday!
    Thanks for joining us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!

  4. I sent our Boston rain to you!!! :) Yeay! :)

  5. What incredibly sobering news. Humour is hard to come by in such times, and I think your friends will appreciate your humour more than anything. Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. It is so disheartening when there are fires. Denver is my hometown, but I live in FL. I'm glad there was rain.

    Your card is lovely! My kinda gal! Thanks for joining us at Tuesday Morning Sketches.

  7. Love what you have done with this week's sketch!