Thursday, June 13, 2013

Desperate For A Distraction

If you watch the news at all, you probably know that Colorado is on fire ... again.

Believe it or not, this isn't my family's first rodeo ... we were in last year's evacuation for the Waldo Canyon fire.  If you want to read about LAST year's party, click here.

What I've learned is that you DO actually get better at packing the second time around.  And, it isn't any less stressful this time ... kind of still freaking out!  I still didn't have pictures of my the stuff in my house but my boys are calmer.

Right now, the fire is about 3 miles away and the evacuation boundary is within walking distance to our house.  I've been crafting up a storm right now to keep myself busy.  Initially I had a bit of a crying spree looking around my craft room but there is no room to pack it.  And, as I keep telling myself, it's only stuff and it can be replaced.

I'm including a picture of our stuff piled up ready to load into the car and also a picture of the ridge that separates us from the fire.

This card is one of the many projects that I made to distract myself.  I've also done 4 loads of laundry and vacuumed (those who know me, know that I HATE to vacuum, so I MUST be desperate!!) I used last week's sketch from Freshly Made Sketches that I never got around to using.


  1. Great card. I love the stamp! lol Hugs and prayers to you and your family. Please dear Lord spare Joanna's home from these horrible fires.

  2. UGH, so sorry you are going through this again. Hoping you can stay at home and won't get the worst of it. Be safe my friend!

    Super cute and funny card. Leave the vacuum alone and spend the time crafting.

  3. Darling card. So glad you are staying busy and not dwelling on this to much. So sorry this is happening to you again. I am praying you don't have to leave this time but more important that you be safe. I'll gladly help refill your craft room if it is necessary but pray only for the best for your family. Lots of hugs!

  4. I can completely relate to keeping your hands busy during situations and I'm sorry you're having such stress right now. This is a darling card! I hope they get it all under control soon. Take care!

    Peace & Luv,

  5. Forest fires - how terrible and so little you can do to stop them once they take hold. Hope the worst is past and you are home again safe & sound. Jx