Monday, September 30, 2019

ABC: Re-useable Color Shirts

Every time I have an ABC post assigned my heart sinks a little bit because let's face it, cards are kind of my thing. But when my friend told me about this new thing to give as a gift ... I was kind of jazzed.  As my friend put it ... who doesn't like to color (especially cute little girls), and I was sold on this as a possible Christmas gift idea.

Another selling point for this shirt was a new vinyl for my cutting machine (I can see that you are thinking, "Wow, Joanna, it takes so little to get you excited about crafts doesn't it?" Yes, it is kinda pathetic isn't it?) But we digress. As I was saying, there was also a new kind of vinyl to try (called infusible ink) to use on shirts. So off we went to Michaels to get a shirt, the infusible ink and a box of watercolor Crayola markers.

I'm using the Bugaboo image Fall Autumn Fox from the Bugaboo shop.  There are so many images in the Bugaboo shop that finding the perfect image is super easy. Be sure to click on the Freebie & Sales tab. There are always some good deals there too.

The new vinyl actually colors the fabric fibers rather than laying on top like other kinds. Because of this, you must use a cotton/poly blend shirt rather than the 100% cotton that have always been used. Also, the Cricut instructions had us use a deeper setting to cut.  When we ran it through the machine, it also cut the plastic mat as well as the vinyl so weeding, the process of pulling the unneeded vinyl, was a bit of an issue.

The vinyl looks brown in its raw form but irons on black.

After you iron it, the shirt is soooo soft.  I really like the new vinyl. The point of the shirts are that kiddos can color the shirts and wear them but the washable marker comes out in the washing machine. They will have fun coloring them over and over again.

My little model sure had fun coloring.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

SS with Bugaboo Stamps

It's time for another challenge over on the Sketch Saturday blog.  This time we are sponsored by the fabulous Bugaboo Stamps.  Jodie is offering our winner 4 digis.  Woot woot, what a great prize.

I used one of my favorite images in the shop: Christmas Hedgie to make a Christmas card. I've been making so few cards lately that nearly every card I make is Christmas .... I still have the dream that I might be able to send out homemade cards this year. I've got that Man of La Mancha song in my head, "To dream, the impossible dream ...."

Anyway, I hope you can join in our fun this week.