Friday, January 8, 2010

Lessons Learned

Have you ever had one of those days?

Here's how my day went yesterday. My oldest had to go back to the doctor to be seen about his cough at 9:30, TJ had to be dropped off to pre-school by 11:45 and then I had a doctor appointment for 12:30. It was a tight schedule but do-able.

Then ... the dog scratched open his belly and was bleeding. He needed to be seen. "Can you be here at 11:00?" said the vet tech. Uh, yeah sure.

As we all loaded up in the car, TJ looked over at the dog. "He looks sad, Mom." Well, he's not excited by the trip to the vet, I told him.

Pediatrician: check.
Vet: uh-oh, long wait.

We loaded up in the car after the vet at 12:00. It's OK, we'll just be a tad late dropping TJ off, I thought .... and then I remembered that I hadn't fed anyone yet. Crud, another wrench in the schedule. Hmmm, Sonic is on the way to the school, I'll just hit the drive-through and we'll be back on schedule. I ordered two Happy Packs and a banana for me. TJ ate in the car but Caleb opted to wait until home so he could have catsup. I had already bagged the possibility of making my doctor appointment and was trying to salvage what was left of my schedule.

We arrived at school at 12:20 (35 minutes late but he'd still get to have a little preschool) and everyone left to walk TJ to the door (have you spotted my mistake yet?) We returned to find the dog wagging his tail and all Happy Packs consumed ... he even ate my banana.

The dog was not at all sad to be in the car anymore. :-)

Enjoy your day everyone. I promise to have a card featured tomorrow!


  1. OH NO!!! That would not be good with my dog.

  2. LOL! That's kinda funny, I bet you can laugh a little now, at the time probably not so funny. Hope you have a better day tomorrow, Hugs!

  3. Oh no.....I bet you didn't know whether to laugh or cry Joanna:) I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it. At any rate, I hope all is well and that you are feeling lots better today!

  4. Hope you have a better day. This story made me think of your deer story and the car.


  5. HA! Loved reading your story Joanna! I can relate--got 2 kids and 5 pets myself *Ü* Hope this week goes smoother for ya!

  6. Next time just come by for a Peanut Butter and Honey...hahahahahaa Miss you lots...

  7. Hahaha! I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one who has days like this. I feel your pain girlfriend!

  8. We've done that emergency Sonic drive-thru before, but luckily without hungry pooches lying in wait! Thanks for an afternoon giggle!!