Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrew!!

My nephew (in-law) is having a birthday and ... I forgot it. Technically, I didn't forget it since it's today (me waving "hi") but since it's unlikely that his card will arrive today ... I think we can go with I forgot.

It's actually been awhile since I've had ABSOLUTE FREEDOM while stamping. I've been doing so many challenges lately. The freedom, while exhilerating, is also a wee bit intimidating. What set should I use and what layout?

I love Andrew. Number one, he loves my niece Kelsey absolutely and that in itself makes him number one in my book because Kelsey is my FAVORITE niece who was born in May. Number two, my kids LOVE him. When I told them that we were making a card for Andrew they both said, "Are we going there?" He plays with them like crazy. And lastly, I love Andrew because he's kinda fun to tease (in a good way!) I considered embarrassing him with a funny card 'cause his ears turn red and it's cute. But in the end, I decided to show him some respect and just go with robots. What guy doesn't like robots?!!

This is Our Craft Lounge: Meet the Botz. How stinkin' cute is this set?!! I actually made two versions of this card (one that I slapped in the mail quick like a bunny so it could get there remotely on time) and this one. I like how they both turned out.
So Happy Day Dude!

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