Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Creating A Slider Card With A Digi?!!

Good morning! Its the last Wednesday of the month (Yikes, where is this year going?!!)  This means that it is time for a tutorial over on the Catch the Bug blog.

I absolutely LOVE interactive cards but, I've never tried to do one with a digital stamp.  The best part of digi stamps are their reasonable prices, rapid availability, and versatility so why COULDN'T you make interactive cards with them?  The short answer is ... yes, you can!  And ... in a few short steps, I'm going to show you just how easy it is.

Step One:
Print all the phrases and images needed.  I wanted my car to drive in the direction of the opening of my card so I rotated the image in my software prior to printing.  I probably should tell you that I'm making this card for my oldest son who has all As at this point in the academic year.  We are so proud of all his hard work.  This, coupled with the fact that he will be starting his driver's training soon, is why I wanted to use the image that I chose.  I'm using the Bugaboo image: Guy - Car and computer generated phrases

Step Two:
I colored my image and started cutting all my layers.  I thought that I would need to use an Exact-o blade to cut it out, but ended up just using scissors.  I did have to lose the cute puffs of exhaust as well as his antenna but it couldn't be helped.

Step Three:
I used a die to create a text box but you could just cut a rectangular shape.  The box just needs to be large enough to show your sentiment.  I wasn't paying close attention here (do you see my mistake?)

Yep ... I cut off my tree top.  I hate when I make goofy errors but in the grand scheme of things, this is an easy fix.

Step Four:
I glued my (corrected) scenery to my card base and added the "kickstands" to the image.  This will allow me to attach the car to the slider pull.  The only thing that you need to keep in mind at this stage is making certain that the pull moves easily in its channel.  I didn't use anti-static powder and probably should have.

It stuck a bit initially.  I used one layer of tape on the channel, doubled up my layers of tape on the kickstands and then tripled my tape for the final layer.  I just wanted to make sure that the image had room to slide.

Step Five:
The last bits were adding a road in and little decorative things to finish off the card (clouds, grass and flowers -- to cover up the smudge of something that ended up on the grass)

I really like how my card turned out and will definitely do it again! I hope you are inspired to give it a try!!

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