Monday, November 9, 2009


This morning I rounded the corner with the laundry basket on my hip, only to slide dramatically on a CD. As I dropped the basket, spilling the contents on the floor and catching myself on the sofa, I gazed at the front room. And what to my wondering eyes should appear? But nearly every CD that we own, out of it's case and on the floor.

Poltergeist? You might ask.

And I would respond, No, a busy four year old, home from pre-school, sick (theoretically). "Look mommy," he said pointing at the floor. "Look at the 'replections' Isn't it awesome? " Awesome probably wasn't the first word to pop into my mind as I watched him spin the CDs. The rotating CDs were catching the sun and causing hundreds of little rainbows to form everywhere. And dag-nab-it, the 'replections' WERE kinda pretty.

Of course, now I will be spending the afternoon re-organizing, and alphabetizing the CDs (and buying the White Album AGAIN which was a casualty of the entire experience) but sometimes I need to remember to stop and enjoy the beauty to be found. Even if it is messy.

Here is your card. Another mouthless Magnolia. :-) Enjoy.

Supplies: Magnolia: Tilda, Phrase: Stampabilities: Little Fruit
Accessories: SU ribbon, Nestibilities


  1. OH my! I can only imagine how pretty and overwhelming that was! If the White album (and not you) was the only causality...I say it was worth it! :D

    She's really sweet! I love her in red!!

  2. OK, this is really funny from a second person perspective! And it's kinda ironic that the 'White Album' sacrificed itself (with a little help) to give everyone a pseudo-psychadelic experience ;) .

    Adorable Tilda with super sweet DPs and great sketch!

    Hope (for both your sakes) that your little guy is better soon!!

  3. She is very pretty.... With T around you will always have blog material.. hahahhaah

  4. congrats on the KLSNS team! Can't wait to get to know you more!