Friday, November 6, 2009

My First Christmas Card

As I was shopping at Walgreens today, I heard the strains of Christmas music. Ugh. Really? Already? I've barely packed away my witches and mummies from Halloween. Now I know a lot of you plan ahead and make Christmas cards all year but I can't. One, I'm just not that organized and two, I have to have a certain frame of mind to make Holiday cards. It should be cold, preferably with snow on the ground and there should be the smell of gingerbread in the air.

Having said that, I should tell you that I'm wearing short sleeves because Colorado Springs is supposed to get as hot as 72 this afternoon. And the smell of gingerbread ... overcome by the smell of jalapenos from the jar that my four year old dropped on the floor this morning. "Oh, sorry mommy. Did you need that for tonight's dinner?"

But as Walgreens, the mall, and every other retailer can attest ... it's THAT time of year and so I've made my first Christmas card (74 more to go).

This is a Matilda. My friend, Eileen loves these Swedish stamps. I think they are cute but have an odd desire to draw in a mouth every time I use one. I did learn that the reason that they have no mouths is that they are supposed to be angels. Apparently angels don't talk. I get that ... there are times when I wish MY OWN angels wouldn't talk so much. Kidding.

Stamps: Matilda, phrase: Memory Box
Accessories: SU Ribbon, pop dots, Spellbinders


  1. I'm with you - I have to be in a mood to do Christmas cards. I've done a few so far!!

    And I say - ADD THE MOUTH - I've seen other card makers do it. I never heard the part about them being angels without mouths. But I have seen some with wings - which I never liked. So I guess it makes sense.

    See ya tonight! Bring your copics...Heather will be there too. ;)

  2. OH! And don't forget to link to Kelly's SNOWFLAKE blog challenge!!!

  3. LOL - you are sooo funny! I never knew that all these li'l Magnolias were suppose to be angels, and ya know what?! I say DRAW IT IN! Go ahead, I dare you!! LOL - actually I've tried that myself... one out of all them was actually seriously CUTE - the others... not so much! LOL - anyway, LOVE your beautiful card and your coloring is sooo awesome!

  4. Uggh, I wrote this "book of a comment" and now Blogger gives me trouble. Guess that was one of those instances when I should have kept my own mouth shut. LOL

    Well, long story short -- I found your blog post, not only cute, but also very humorous. I didn't know which one was funnier, your post or the ladies above me. :) Inky hugs, Kel

  5. I read about that on Splitcoast...there had been a debate (or I guess someone said it turned into a "bashing" because they didn't have mouths and it creeped them out) someone pursued the whole thing and found out that it was because they were suppose to represent angels and that angels are suppose to speak from the heart. This is why Santa, Jingle, and Jangle all have mouths but Tilda and Edwin do not.