Monday, November 16, 2009

Gobble, Gobble

Continuing my self-imposed challenge to make autumnal colored cards, I went to my studio yesterday. And as I made the journey downstairs, I kind of felt like that old Dunkin Donuts commercial with the chef, dragging his feet and muttering "time to make the donuts"

Time to use brown. Blah

But ... I have to admit that it turned out better than I anticipated. I found this wonderful double-sided paper that matched my ribbon almost perfectly. I'm still working on my shading with the copics. If you were to come into my studio while I'm coloring, you would hear me say over and over again ... "where is your light source, where's the sun?" I'm getting better but still need practice.

Someday maybe I can take a copic certification course.


  1. You did brown so well! I only use it during fall months or on "chocolate or coffee" cards. I think you got the sun in the same place this card! Keep coloring from the same place until you get it down. Keeping the "sun" in a stationary place helped me!

  2. Awesome combination of browns and the image has just enough other colors to really make your beautiful coloring really pop!

  3. Love the card... the Browns are fabulous...

  4. Oh this is the cutest Joanna!! This turned out soooo good and any other colors just wouldn't have given the same effect. LOVE your coloring and I can TOTALLY see your "light source" ;) I have a hard time with that in coloring as well, even though I don't own one Copic! LOL - but you seem to have it nailed down girl! :) Great card. And personally, I love HAM way better than turkey!