Saturday, November 14, 2009

Poultry in Motion

So on my way to be a "Secret Reader" in my eldest's classroom, I fell. I didn't trip over a child or a stray art project. I just fell. And as I lay there sprawled in the hallway, with teachers hovering over me, shouting, "don't move" and "how do you feel?" I began to feel like a bit of an idiot. Remember the rhyme ... "Monday's child is fair of face and Tuesday's child is full of grace?" I WAS born on a Tuesday and in no way am I a graceful person.

Soooo, in honor of my "trip" I created this card. I am a bit of a turkey and utterly graceless! I was recently selected to be a member of KLSNS Design Team (yay!) I am sooo excited to start in 2010. And because of this honor, I decided to challenge myself and stretch my designing to include something that I never use ... neutral colors. I really don't like autumn colors: orange, yellow and brown. My pink, blue and green designer paper drawers are so full that you practically need to wear a hard hat to open them. Not so with orange, yellow and brown. Not only are they crammed in ONE drawer, but the drawer slides open easily. This was my first card.

Now before you start saying, "cheater, cheater pumpkin eater" because the card is predominately blue ... I DO need to point out that I DID use two neutral colors. The stamp is "Turkey Getaway" from High Hopes. And even though he is not listed on the page, he IS available in Kelly's store. I forced myself to make a second neutral card and he turned out pretty cute too. Tune in tomorrow for that one!

Stamps: Turkey Getaway-High Hopes, phrase: computer generated
Accessories: Chocolate Chip SU ribbon and hardware, pop dots, Spellbinders Label One


  1. Glad to hear you're ok from your trip! ;) Nothing more embarrassing than tripping in front of a group. :(

    This is a GREAT card. I love your challenge to step out of your comfort box - it's not always easy. And I think you NAILED the card! It's cute, classic and funny!

  2. Congrats on making the KLSNS DT -- you'll have a blast with Kelly and Kristine! Hilarious card and sentiment; I hadn't seen this one before and it really made me laugh!!

  3. Oohh, so sorry to hear about your trip and "embarassing experience" with the teachers, but glad you are okay. This card is CA-UTE!! I love the colors, too! Great job! Can't wait to work with you on the DT . . . we will have fun, fun, fun!! Hugs, Kel

  4. OH MY GOODNESS, I'm so sorry you fell, but I thoroughly enjoy reading your stories. You are such a funny lady and brighten my day. Cheater cheater, pumpkin eater! - LOL! And I sooo didn't know Kelly had this in her store!! Good grief, well maybe I should get it for next holiday season! Anyway, I'm so looking forward to Designing with you at KLSNS! :)