Thursday, September 17, 2020

Holy Heck Batman

It's September.

My friend's birthday is in the first part of August ... do you see the reason to drop f-bombs? Yep. Major Oops here. In my defense, I ordered her gift from Amazon but I DID forget to check the box where it says mail here or to HER house. So, here I am with her present on my doorstep nearly a month and a half from her special day. Sigh.

So out came my stamps that had irritated expressions; this guy won by far! He is from Rabbit Hole Designs and is called Caffeinated Turkey. Super cute, isn't he? I've been trying to make my cards more simple but this time I just let myself go wild with layers.



  1. This guy is great and that sentiment is perfect! She's going to love the card (and gift too I'm sure).