Wednesday, May 13, 2015

SSW2-Sami Stamps

It was about 10:30 at night a few nights ago when my sweetie turned to me and said, "I think we need to go outside and knock the snow off the trees."

Cuddled up on the sofa, in my favorite pajamas and nubby socks, with the dog in my lap my response was less than enthusiastic.

"What?  Now?"  So we didn't go out.

Aaaaand the heavy, wet snow pulled down two trees (for which I will bear the responsibility, at least in my husband's eyes, for the rest of my life!)  We replanted one (just shoved it back in the ground) and the other had just lost a limb.  We put the equivalent of a tree band-aid on it and called it good.  Note to self, when hubby says "head outside" (even tho it's freezy-squeezy out there) I should (insert heavy sigh) just go.

In other news, it's Wednesday and time for another sketch challenge over at Sweet Sketch Wednesday 2.  We are sponsored by Sami Stamps this week.  I used her Mistletoe Mermaid to make a birthday card.  We'd love to see you join in the fun.  Our winner will receive a $12 gift certificate to the Sami Stamps shop.

My printer is dying and refuses to draw heavy card stock through it so I'm making due with lighter paper.  It's causing my copics to bleed.  My mermaid's hair is muddy and it's really irritating me.  Buuuut after the tree fiasco .... I don't see the hubster wanting to buy me another!


  1. This image is adorable Jo, I love your colour choices and dinkie floral paper.
    Your story about the trees made me smile, I hope that you are forgiven soon and can replace your printer.
    Hugs Anne x

  2. Jo I love this image it's just so cute and I adore your colour choice, don't worry about the bleeding it just looks like a red head having a bad hair day. I so wish we lived closer and I have brand new printer in the box never been unpacked which I won, I already have 3 printers I don't need any more set up. I have a new printer which I got with my new computer, double sided, A3 and A4 and wireless just love it. Love the story about the trees I still can't believe that you still have snow for this time of year!!! Try growing Bluebells inside in a container on your window ledge it will work. They are just beautiful. Sorry to hear about the trees I guess it's all your fault? Take care and have a great week.

  3. What a Winter/Spring it has been!! Repeat after me... No more snow, No more snow... Summer IS coming, right? Super cute card!! Love the sentiment and the bright colors - so HAPPY!!
    Unrelated questions - how is the book you are reading, The Girl on the Train???
    Blessings and hugs to you Joanna!!

  4. What a fabulous card Joanna!!! Way to go making a birthday card using a Christmas image!!! And she's a mermaid after all so her hair is supposed to look like that being under water and all!!!!!


  5. Awesome card, just love how you colored the tail. Hugs, Heide