Saturday, October 29, 2011


I wasn't going to send Halloween cards this year. It's been a tough year and my creativity was waning ... but then today I caught the bug and started to work again. I made 4 cards over today and yesterday (and this wasn't even one of them ... I made this in July) So now I have 6 cards to show you all before Monday. Hmmm, how's THAT going to work out?

Right now my oldest is having a hissy fit. His teacher will let him wear a costume to school if he writes a report about the costume. So, being the non-student that he wishes he could be, he decided that he just wouldn't wear a costume (thus avoiding the report). I told him no-way-jose. He could choose not to wear a costume ... but he WOULD be writing the report anyway. He's not a happy camper right now.


  1. So cute, great job!

  2. Fun Halloween card, Joanna ! I like the colorful socks !

  3. Love those images you used on this cute card. Like the ghost popped up. Poor boy, I hated to write reports too, but it is for his own good.