Monday, October 31, 2011

Get Well Soon Wen

My bestie is having surgery today and I am thinking about her, wishing I were with her.

I met Wendy in high school. Our moms were friends and kept talking about how much in common we had and well, wouldn't stop trying to get us together (apparently Claudia and Bev were thwarted matchmakers in another life). So in desperation to get them to just stop talking about how "nice" the other girl was ... we met. Guess what? They were right.

Almost 30 years later ... we're still friends, home girls, sistahs from otha mothas. We've made it through high school, college, dating, marriage, kids, divorce, diabetes and the ugly "c" word. I anticipate that we will have another 30 years of friendship. We'll be the two old bags at the home wearing mismatched clothes and arguing over whether "zoot" is an acceptable Scrabble word. Love ya, doll.

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