Saturday, May 19, 2018

Saturday Challenge: Bingo!!

SATURDAY!! (insert deep sigh of satisfaction!)

In addition to the relaxation, it also means there is another challenge on the Catch The Bug blog.  Since it's the third week of the month, that means it's time for BINGO.  I think I love Creative Bingo almost as much as I love the challenge of a sketch!  This month's Bingo board was super fun.  I chose to do the top vertical row: using sparkle, stitching and a sentiment.
Yep, another Christmas card!  This time I'm using the Bugaboo image: Winter Kidz With Cat.  So cute.  I will say that when my youngest saw the card he was a bit scornful of my choice to give this cute guy a purple scarf and hat ... "No BOY would wear purple voluntarily!"  Whatever, I stand behind my design choices. 

Why don't you join in the fun?!!

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  1. This card is adorable. By the way, my BFF's grandson's favorite color is purple and he is 6. He is always mad that we can't find things in purple not lavender for him.