Monday, July 15, 2013

Mojo Monday 302

Today is my anniversary.

And the only reason that I "remembered" is that my sister-in-law sent a text congratulating me.  I called my husband to see if HE remembered.

Me: "Hey, did you remember that it's our anniversary?"
Him: [silence]
Me: "I didn't either so don't panic."
Him: "I never panic ... I was just preparing my words carefully."

Sooo, I don't actually HAVE an anniversary card to show.  I had already planned a birthday card so I could participate in TPE's feminine birthday theme.  I'll be back later to share with you the "I'm the dork who forgot her own anniversary" card!!

   Mojo Monday sketch 302
   The Pink Elephant 208: feminine birthday


  1. Love them both. Beautiful papers to. I did that two years ago and didn't remember for a week. No one reminded me because no one else remembered either.

  2. Hi Joanna, I'm over here from MOJO. Love the pink and yellow card. Adorable!