Friday, September 7, 2012

Missing Mojo

I don't know what has stolen the mojo but I am REALLY struggling to make stuff that I like. It could be a lack of sleep:  school has started, youngest son has football practice three days a week, and the year anniversary of my mother's death all occurred recently.

AND, if that weren't enough on my plate, we threw a puppy into the mix.  Meet Miss Holiday Go-Lightly aka Holli. She is busy with a capital B and loves to chew stuff that isn't hers to chew. Both darling sons have lost legos already (and as I typed this post, I glanced over to see her chewing on the youngest's football cleats, ugh!

She IS super cute tho (did I already mention that she's busy like a toddler on sugar?!!)

I made two cards yesterday and I hated this one the least. Oh OK, it's not completely terrible, I prolly should have chosen another sketch.  It just seems a bit ... plain.  I made this card to send to Eldon, the man who also loved my mom.  I just wanted to let him know that I was thinking of him.

Stamps: MFT


  1. Oh my Joanna. That sounds like plenty to wear you down. Great card and one CUTE puppy. Hugs and best wishes for a calm weekend!!

  2. At least you have SOMETHING to distract you! You are a better person than I for thinking to send something to Eldon. I just wallowed....sigh!

  3. I love your card Joanna! I think it is so cute and I love Indian images since I am a little bit Indian. Great job on a darling card. Sorry about all you are dealing with, it will slowly get better. Holli is super cute and a cuddle with her should help your frame of mind a little.

  4. I think your card's terrific and you did a fabulous job on the sketch. Love the sweet image and fun sentiment. Great coloring, too!