Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and an Award to boot!

A few days ago my stamping buddy Deb gave me an award on her blog, Freckle-Face Printworks. I have "known" Deb for three years now. I met her during an SCS swap. I felt such an affinity for Deb that I showed her my very first swap ahead of time to see if it was up to snuff (remember that Deb?)

So, in order to fulfill the requirements of the award ... I present 5 things you may not know about me
  • I love watching Project Runway (and even convinced the husband to watch with me this year). I was very sad that Meana Irina won. Carol Hannah was robbed!
  • I am a native Californian but spent most of my life in Arizona. There is no place that I would rather be than in Arizona 7 months out of the year ... unfortunately those other 5 months knock the stuffing out of me. I hate the heat.
  • I am attempting to learn to knit but need a wee bit more practice.
  • I love, love LOVE reading and once burned dinner while finishing a book.
  • I would rather drink diet coke than water any day of the week!
I pass this award on to my five new stampin' sistahs from the 2010 KL Design Team :

Moving on to my card for this week:

In the spirit of giving, I'm going to ask you to overlook the little smudge on the card. As the Wizard from the Wizard of OZ said, "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." I thought about photo-shopping it out but ... I'm too tired tonight to do it.

I love this Fluffles. He reminds me of my own little fuzz buckets. Hanging out in the tree, playing with expensive glass ornaments is their FAVORITE thing about the Christmas season.

So, I'm going to toddle off to bed now. I want to be fresh as a daisy tomorrow morning for the 13.5 hour drive to Phoenix with two small children and a cranky husband. Yay! I wish you all a restful and happy Thanksgiving.

Stamps: Fluffles in the Garland, Stampabilities
Accessories: brad, Nestibilities


  1. OH my! I don't envy you that drive! I'll be thinking of you!

    I vaguely remember you asking me to look at your swap - but as I remember it you didn't have anything to worry about.

    Soo funny....I too would rather have Diet Coke than water. I love that you burned dinner reading! And I love your Fluffle card - I don't see any thing to photoshop but then you always see your own mistakes clearly!


  2. I didn't see the smudge really . . . unless it is just under his tail and if so, looks like they could be little jiggly marks to show movement. I wouldn't fuss over it, girl. :) Hope your trip is a "nonfuss" one too. Hugs, Kel

  3. I told you it looked like he was climbing up the card.... I knew all those things about you... Wow.. Cool.. Love the card ofcourse.

  4. Thanks so much SUPER sweet of you!

  5. Really cute card! I love this image!

  6. I didn't know you were a native Californian, too, and I'd rather read than cook dinner any day!

    Such a fun Fluffles card and SO cat-like. Perfect combination of DPs.

    Hope you are enjoying the holiday season, or at least finding some time to hide away with a good book!!

  7. Hello Joanna and Happy New Year wishes to you!
    Your cards are beautiful and your coloring rocks! I must have been in the Twilight Zone or something because I somehow missed you awarding me:( Thank you so much for thinking about me.