Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I'm making some Valentines (I need 8 more).  This is the one that I made for the hubby.  It's funny but I wasn't really paying attention to the details and made a few mistakes.  Grr.  I hate when I'm taping quickly and then have to peel it up to make it straight.  It always bends the paper a bit (see the bulging on the slider panel) and then ... I didn't really check to see that my sentiment would work prior to taping.

The answer is no ... it is not working.  You can barely read it.   The mousie's tail kind of covers it.  Sigh.  I am a better crafter than this.  Oh well, he knows how I feel.

My second Valentine's card is cute, but again ... I would change some things.  I think it looks too plain.  At least the stamps are cute.

Do you ever have days when nothing looks right?

I'm joining in the "Feel The Love" challenge over on the Art Impression blog


  1. I love both your cards!! I think they are fine and hubby will love the one you made for him!! Thanks for joining us over at Art Impressions!

  2. Joanna, these are both adorable. What is funny is that I pulled out the same AI stamp, but just haven't gotten to it yet, hehe we were thinking alike.

  3. Your cards are really cute. I always judge my own work the harshest. I love the colors you used on the slider card. Thanks for joining the Ai "Feel the Love" Challenge!

  4. Such a great card! Thanks for sharing, Joanna!