Thursday, September 19, 2013


As soon as I saw this From the Heart image I knew that it was only a matter of time before he WOULD be mine!  I bought it initially thinking I would save him to use for a congratulatory card for my sister.  She's working toward getting her Black Belt in December. (Yay)  Buuuuut, I couldn't wait to use him.

This week's Sweet Sunday sketch over on Karen Giron's blog was so darn cute that I whipped him out to use.  I think he turned out darling!

I also wanted to show you what Mr. Sitting On Pens did over the weekend.

Waaaaay back in December I bought this ribbon carrier from Michael's so my new craft room would be organized.  After I built the darn thing (OK, if you really want honesty, I made Mr. Blog and my uncle do it ... but I was in the room)  Anyway once it was together, I was ... let's go with the word "irritated" but understand that I was a bit crankier than that when I realized that the included dowels would not fit my SU ribbon rolls.  In fact, out of the billions of ribbon rolls I own, those (er) darn dowels fit only 2 of them.  TWO!!

So off I went to another craft store to purchase smaller dowels.  These I painted to match the holder... but I have sooo much ribbon that the new dowel whimpered and cracked almost immediately.  Seriously?!!

Finally, after listening to me complain ... a lot,  Mr. Blog went to the hardware store and got me some iron re-bar.  He cut it and installed it. Yay.  What a guy!

Here's the ribbon rack all ready for use.  Now here's my secret confession ... all those containers STILL don't have all my ribbon ...

I MAY have a ribbon problem


  1. Love this darling card. I love her new designs. Beautifully colored and a great sketch to play with. Love you paper and cs colors. Looks like a great ribbon rack. I know I have sever plus drawers to.

  2. Cute card and I do like the From the Heart digitals too. I haven't purchased any yet, but I will! we all may need to go to ribbon hoarders anonymous, but at least yours are organized! I'm glad you finally got it up on the wall tho!

    Peace & Luv,

  3. I fell in love too with Birdbrain Ninja. Today you can also see a card that i made with it. Its on my blog today. Your card is fabulous.

  4. OMGosh this chicken is too funny! Love this cute image and the fabulous card design. Great take on the sketch.