Monday, May 14, 2012

Hey Cranky Pants

Yeah, I know, the stamp says "Hey Sassy Pants" but I gotta be honest and say that  I'm more in a "hey cranky pants" kind of mood.  Mostly it stems from it being Monday, having a cold, and having a cranky child this morning.  He is soooo done with school so getting him up and ready is a bit of a trial.  It took him 20 minutes to find his shoes this morning and then he dawdled over his pancakes.  So you can imagine that we were a tad late in the drop off line (the bell rung as we pulled up) We got a stern stare from the principal this morning.  Sigh.  I hate being late.

My card today was made with the MFT sketch for this month.  And yes, I know that the flower paper is crooked.  My cutter went to to Scrapbook Heaven this weekend.  I"ll need a new one desperately. Anybody have one they love?

I was going to pull my card apart and fix it with scissors but I glued that sucker on pretty well and it isn't coming off!  Sooo, I guess I'll live with it!

Stamps: MFT, Pure Innocence: Cute-A-Tude

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