Monday, April 11, 2011

March Birthdays

Two of my favorite men were born in March: my oldest son and my darling husband. But making masculine cards are not my favorite thing. I have a friend whose advice for making manly cards is to not put ribbon on them ... and I've tried but .... I can't. I love ribbon. So as a result, my man cards aren't very manly!

This is my husband's card. The stamp is from I Brake for Stamps. It just made me giggle as soon as I saw it!

This year, for my son, I didn't even send out invitations (insert a sharp intake of breath here). Yes, I sent e-vites so I have NOTHING to show you for that! But I will share a bit from his party. This is his cake ... I didn't make it. My friend Mary makes AMAZING cakes (in fact I have MANY talented cake artist friends which is fortunate because cake baking is not one of MY talents!)

The details on the cake were cool. Caleb is REALLY into rocks and minerals and she made the cake with mining pans, rock candy and of course, a gigantic volcano on top. As soon as the youngest saw the cake, he said, "I want a volcano cake for my birthday ... do you think she can make mine erupt too?" If anyone can do it ... Mary can.

I've included a picture of some of the cake pops I put in their goody bags. I did make those. I used a new recipe which is crushed Oreo's instead of a cake mix. They were yummy!

Here are some of the details of the cake, up close and personal! She used edible candy rocks. Caleb loved how the cake turned out

The last picture explains the fascination Caleb has for rocks and panning. This is a picture of the two boys panning for garnets. We went to Sabino Canyon in Tucson, Arizona which is not far from my sister's house. At one of the tram stops, kids can pan for garnets and magnetite.

We were lucky enough to get a bit of both.


  1. I agree, that is a great image; fun card! I find "man cards" difficult too....

    The cake looks awesome...and so do the cake pops...maybe you could share the recipe on the S.S. thread?!

  2. Oh, Joanna this is such a fun image and perfect for your husband birthday. You did a great job with the colors and the edges looks great. Love it !

  3. How cute is that card! Love it and the cake too!~

  4. I love this card. I think it is such a fun card and you colored it so beautiful. I think I need this!! Great job on a great card.