Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Bir ... I mean Halloween

Nine people I know and love have birthdays in September. In fact it IS my busiest birthday card-making month of the year.

And I have tons of DRS stamps and cards to show you too.

So I know that you are surprised what I decided to post is ... a Halloween card. OK, maybe a poor choice on my part but I just couldn't keep away from the Halloween stuff when I went down to craft, yesterday. In fact I'm really excited that it's September 1st, and I can officially start decorating for Fall! Yay.

I love skeletons and this little SU skeleton is one of my favorite's. I went over to a friend's house yesterday to see her new crafting area (which she is calling "Craftopia") and it was like I had died and gone to heaven (I swear I could hear a choir singing while I explored her area!). Stamps, paper and punches galore and she shares my passion for the skulls. The entire time I was there I thought ... I want this one and this one ...

So many stamps .... so little money!


  1. Hilarious card, and I don't often say that when skeletons are featured!

    And yikes, that IS a lot of September birthdays -- maybe lots of cold winters those years??

  2. Joanna that is very cool. I like the image and the DP fits great !

  3. this is the funniest sentiment .. and very fitting!! I love your layout!!