Sunday, July 25, 2010

My baby is 5 (yikes)

I'm back from two weeks of company, a birthday party with 12 four, five and six year olds and a vacation with the fandambily. I'm actually looking forward to spending some quality time with myself ... crafting.

I thought that I'd share the invitations that I made for my youngest's birthday party. As you can see, he is HUGE into super heroes (if he had his way, he would sleep in his Spiderman mask every night). So we went with a hero theme. It's a gate fold card and the inside of the card says, "Holy Cake and Ice Cream Batman, it's time for a party"

Since I am a TERRIBLE baker, I asked my buddy Mary Williams to make the cake. The masterpiece she brought to the party was ... well, amazing, see for yourselves.

There are three layers. My favorite part of the cake was the rice crispy treat Spiderman hand with the chocolate webbing. I love how she put TJ's name and how old he is inside the chocolate. Amazing, isn't she?!!


  1. So Cool!! You are THE BEST mom in the whole world! - Carol

  2. Carol is right, you are THE BEST mom ever!!! Thanks for letting me help you a little with the party. Love your boys, if you ever want to give them away, my door is always open! ;)

  3. OMG! I love how you put TJ's initials on the shirt! WHAT A MOM!! :D

    Happy Birthday to TJ Too!

  4. Holy awesome cake Batman!!! and I love your invites too!!!