Wednesday, June 20, 2018

HMW: Flashlights

Today on the Catch The Bug blog, we are celebrating Stupid Guy Thing Day (on the 22nd).  I'm not sure that it's specifically a "guy thing" but WE have a million flashlights around the house and I can tell you for certain that MANY of them have dead batteries!  How do I know?  Well, our power went out last night for a few hours and we were stumbling around initially looking for flashlights!!

Eventually the hubs ran an extension cord from his Prius and managed to get the necessary power for a lamp and his precious TV!  Heavens forbid that he should miss the recording of his shows!!  I DID think it was clever of him to figure out how to get the car to generate power for us.

My card features one of my favorite guys ... Gus.  This image is called Gus Tidbits Flashlight and is available in the Bugaboo shop.


  1. Great sentiment. Your card is perfect for a "man". Too funny how that worked out.

  2. Maybe the guys aren't so stupid Jo! Pretty clever to rig up power from the car to the TV!
    Fab card...I do love Gus!