Monday, June 27, 2016

PP301: Spinning


My kids are cranky with me because I just made them go outside to play.  Before he went out, the oldest tried the "It's hot" argument (it's 81 with clouds ... sooo not hot) and I had to restrain myself because it was on the tip of my tongue to say: "When I was your age, it was 110 in the shade!"  I did tell them that they only had to stay outside for an hour (sigh).  The wusses.

I just bought a whole bunch of AI stamps and finally had some free time to play with them.  I bought this spinner image and had NO IDEA how to make a spinner card so I had to research a bit.

There are a ton of images of finished cards but very few really good tutorials.  I found this one on Pinterest if you are at all interested in making one yourself.  Her coloring technique is pretty amazing, I didn't fast forward once (which is pretty unusual for me)!

You can see the movement this kind of card has with this picture.  -----}

Some things I learned making my card:

  1. If I had to do it again, I'd probably buy the dies.  Cutting her out was painful.
  2. I probably should have matched the thread color to my background.  The white thread bugs me.
  3. If you have a lot to say in your card ... this probably isn't the card to make.  You can't write on the inside of your card!

But, it's seriously fun.  I've been playing with it since I made it.  I think I might "need" the kitten mini spinner that AI has in stock now!

I'm using the sketch from over on the Paper Players' site.  It totally worked for this card.

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  1. Totally fun card! Love that you made it a spinner card! Glad you shared it at the Paper Players!

  2. Another FUN card !!! I´m not good in techniques so i never made a spinner card. You did a great take with it.

    Imke ~ My Crafty Place