Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Digi Sketch Challenge: Humor

I know that people exercise when it's cold out but ... I can't seem to make myself go to the gym.  Right now I'm telling myself that shoveling counts as exercise but the scale seems to disagree.

Perhaps I need to limit my Starbucks to once a week (I mentally counted the calories I drink each week in lattes and was a little horrified by the number)

I made this card for the Digi Sketch Challenge. I did both their sketch AND their desire to see some humor.  This is seriously me first thing in the morning.


  1. You're doing blue these past two days and I'm into yellow....too funny! Your blue is awesome! and I love your interpretation of the sketch. I really need to follow sketches more often to make my life easier. I always enjoy JJ and her antics.

  2. Such a fun card Joanna and the effects of all that shovelling can't be good for the scales. I don't understand how I could eat half the rocky road ingredients last week (it was a need chocolate week) and lose 2 pounds! Hugs Anne

  3. See...I loved your card so much, I used it in the Catch the Bug challenge and won. Thank you for the inspiration.