Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SSW 195: Bugaboo Stamps

 It's Wednesday.

Time for another sketch challenge from Sweet Sketch Wednesday.  I'm not going to lie .... this week's sketch threw me for a loop. Apparently,  I'm running on mojo fumes. 

I don't know if it's the stress of having the old house's closing less than a week away (what if something goes wrong?!!) or if the oldest son's science project took up all the creative juices but I made this sketch twice (and even altered an already made ONE to make it better) and I still don't love anything that I've created.

I decided to post all my ... um ... "opportunities for improvement?" Maybe SOMETHING will get your juices flowing or you can learn from my mistakes.  Or better yet, check out the Sweet Sketch Wednesday DT's work.  There is some amazing stuff there this week! Great job this week guys.

I DO, however, love our sponsor this week. It's Jodi from Bugaboo stamps! I always get excited when she's our sponsor because her store is chock-full of images that are right up my alley!  I totally GET her humor!  This week she is giving away 7 free images to the winner.  That is SUCH a fantastic prize.  Here's more about Jodi and Bugaboo Stamps:
Everything That You Ever Wanted to Know About Bugaboo Stamps: As if raising five children in the frozen land of the North was not enough of a challenge, Jodie Mackrell decided to dip her cold little Canadian toes into the world of papercrafting by opening an online store full of her illustrations. That was two years ago. Today Bugaboo Stamps is one of the leading companies in digital images, and we're still growing! From seriously snarky to sugary sweet to sublimely soulful all the way over to the other side of the super sexy spectrum, you're bound to find all that you need and more to create your paper projects. Jodie works very hard to provide New Releases and Freebies every week!
If your taste runs to rubber (and you know who you are), you can find Bugaboo Stamps stamps at Totally Stampalicious. And finally, join the Bugaboo Stamps DT for weekly challenges at Catch the Bug.

Attempt #1

The remake!

So head into your craft area and get to work.  YOU could be the big winner this week!


  1. I think they are both great cards and that you did a fantastic job. Love the sentiments on both!

  2. You are definitely too hard on yourself because these cards are fantastic!!! Hope all goes well with the closing.


  3. The Science fair project would have done it to me...I hate those. The parents are always the ones that end up doing them for the kids. I thought I was past doing them, but no....the grand kids need help too. I thought it was the parents job but it seems to come to me somehow...LOL I agree with Linda. You are too hard on yourself. They are all wonderful!! I really like them all.
    Hugs, and I hope your closing goes well. I am thinking about selling mine.
    Hugs, Nancy

  4. Hi Joanna, is the closing of the old house ( the sale and settlement and possession of it for the new owners) just different terms we use over here. Don't stress I know easier sad than done LOL Yes you are too hard on yourself I love all of your cards especially your Nurse that really cracks me up. Love them all. We are currently in drought conditions over here very hot and I can't remember when we had rain last, so I'm off to our beach house this weekend I need a break. Take care and have a great weekend.

  5. Jo, both cards are fabulous. I also like these funny images and sayings.

  6. Love how these turned out. They put a smile on my face. Good luck with the closing, I am sure it will go nicely.
    Hugs, Heide

  7. Haha - your card makes me Laugh Out Loud!! LOVE IT!!
    Blessings to you Joanna!!

  8. OMG they all just crack me up! Fabulous cards!

    Peace & Luv,

  9. Love your Bugaboo cards, Joanna...they rock! No mojo fumes here....

  10. Love all your cards Joanna. Don't know what you were worried about. Hope you get your crafting mojo back soon. Holly xx