Monday, August 22, 2011


I needed a quick thank you card for the principal and office staff at my oldest's new school. They all worked sooo hard to get him registered for classes today. I feel incredibly grateful for their speedy efforts. Oldest's new teacher is amazing and reminds me of Mrs. Frizzle. Today she was wearing neon orange shoes with lime green socks. Kooky!

I was laughing with DH this morning that if I ever go back to teaching, I will be lucky to be hired. I'm calling in all my markers and even burning a few educational contact bridges. Oh well. When you have a special needs kiddo, you've got to be a bit of a mama bear.

I wanted the card to have a school days feel so I turned to By LORi Designs. I love her little Landon and Lucy series. They are PERFECT for teacher/school stuff. Thankfully I don't have to mail this card ... I know that the post office would freak out over the puffiness of the pencil that I used to decorate the card!

Stamps: By LORi Designs, SU
Accessories: Ribbon, pencil, brads, nesties


  1. Perfect card for a teacher or principal. Love the pencil and glad you don;t have to mail it. Great job.

  2. Hi Joanna, your card is perfect for a teacher. I like the pencil and the ribbon. Sweet image too !! Very pretty.

  3. Love that ribbon and pencil...too cute!