Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Father's Day

This is the card I made Ken for "faddah's day." It's a pretty simple card but the story that goes with it is the temper tantrum that my oldest threw over it's design. Do you see the little cut-out frog? Caleb felt (rather strongly, apparently) that it should have a mouth. I didn't want to put one on it ... I mean, he had already made HIS card ... this was MY card that I was making. I should get to be the creative director of the show, right?!! It's MY card!

We finally compromised when I let him put mouths on the frogs for the inside of the card. He was happier though still grumped about the outside frog.

I got those little cut-out froggies from my Secret Sister this round. Love 'em Sis!

Stamps: Frog; Stampabilities, Phrases; Stampin Up
Accessories: Frogs, googlie eyes, ribbon


  1. Joanna, this is such a darling card. I love it and love the frogs on the inside. Great job!