Monday, May 10, 2010

Extra ... Extra ... Joanna buys a digi image!

A few days ago my DH asked me to make a card for his best friend, who got married on Saturday. The only catch was there was a theme ... Alice in Wonderland (what can I say, they are artsy people!). Unfortunately, I had zippo in the Alice stamp department.

I happened to be on the phone with my friend, Michelle and she sent me 12 links to digi-stamp companies with ... you got it, Alice themed stamps. Is she a computer wiz or what?!! I really liked a vintage themed one I found but the seller's link stated that she would send the image in 36-48 hours after receiving payment ... time I did not have.

So I settled on this one. It's Briarly from Louby Loo. It's probably cuter than Ken wanted but ... more time would have been good! I thought that the images were perfect anyway since this card is definitely going to be "late for a very important date."

I CASEd the layout from Jacque's friday post. I thought her ribbon treatment was really cool!

Louby Loo: Briarly, Rabbit, and clock
Accessories: MS punch, ribbon, card brads, copics, pop dots, sewing machine.

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