Monday, October 26, 2009

Dog Days of Fall?

It's Pat!

Pat the Dog that is, from Our Craft Lounge. I don't know why but when I see the name of this set I always think of the androgynous character from Saturday Night Live rather than the "Pat the Bunny" book that I'm sure the stamp manufacturer had in mind. Regardless, I do like the set. It has a bunch of cool little accessories for Pat to use.

I made this card for my pal who is having a cruddy 2009 (Wendy ... look away now unless you want the surprise ruined) I probably should have posted this AFTER I mailed it but .... I'm not. The inside uses some of the little accessories that I described.

I've been reading a lot about shading with the copic markers. I really like Sherrie Siemen's blog: Card Creme. She has some fabulous video tutorials that I highly recommend. I still need a lot of practice though!

Here is the inside of the card.


  1. Love the paper (or is it accessories) for the background! Super cute image. And I love the sentiment!

  2. (looks like your blog likes me today....)


  3. I love that sentiment!

    Such a cute card and your coloring is great, Joanna!!